I don’t understand why I’m awake right now. I should’ve been asleep since I got back from school lmao I need to be up by 6:15am 😭


All I have to say is, it feels amazing to be happy. To not have to worry. To know she’s the one. I can’t stop thinking about it, it’s finally happening.

"Pain changes people."

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if you follow me on tumblr and like my posts a lot i probably have fondly memorized your username and consider you a pal

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"If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward."

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"You’re it"

You’re it, babe. You’re the one. The one I want to spend my days with. The one I want to get take out and eat in our underwear watching Netflix all night. You’re who I want beside me when I go out to the club. You’re the one I want to dance with. You’re the one I want to spend my lazy Sundays with. Entangled in bed sheets with hot coffee and breakfast in bed. You’re the one I want to come home to every day of the week. Good day or bad day. Fighting mad or swooning in love, you’re the one I want. Nothing is going to change the way I feel about you. I’m yours. I’m eternally yours. Whether you want me or not, you have me. (via north-west-soul)

Baerrito you are it for me. Never been so positive.

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"I have physical scars all over my body, but it’s the mental scars I’m worried about anyone seeing."

My Mind Is My Worst Enemy // Cicatrice (via wheremythoughtsare)

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